Take a moment to breath and realize that your body, mind and spirit need time to rejuvenate. Nirvana has created services to do just that. Experience bliss at home or at one of our partner locations. Either way, let us help you reach your Nirvana.

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Citrus Hot Stones Ritual
60 min - $125​  90 min - $175​ 

Our unique citrus hot stone massage utilizes heated Baltic Sea Stones to balance energy centers and relax muscles. The stones are gently warmed and integrated into the massage giving a deeper, more comforting  and  relaxing  spiritual body work session.


Aroma Therapeutic Escape
​60 min - $120  90min -$160

Awaken your senses and relax your body with a ritual customized for your needs.  After a private consultation with your therapist, a therapeutic arrangement of two oils will be prepared and combined with the best massage techniques for you. This ritual will surely take you to your personal Nirvana.


Available at home and at all of our locations.


Inch-loss Massage ​​

75 min - $165 

package of 3- $375

Loose inches while your relax. This massage is ideal to tone up for a big event, or may be used in combination with your current weight loss program. This treatment works to reduce the appearance of cellulite by using manual therapy to break up fat deposits. It also incorporates compression techniques combined with infrared heat to eliminate waste and excess water and decrease inches.


Available exclusively at home and at

 Nirvana Nature Cure


Mommy To Be
​60 min - $110


Sore back, achy legs, migraine headaches? Pregnancy massage addresses the unique needs of mommies-to-be. All of our therapists are extensively trained to help mommies-to-be prepare their bodies for the wonders of brining a new life into the world. So let us customize a massage for you to help make the discomfort disappear.


Available at home and  all of our locations.


Five Element Massage Ritual 
60-min $135  90-min $185

Scent speaks to the innermost recesses of your being. Chinese Medicine has even shown that smell is one of the first senses to develop at conception. So, in our Five Element Ritual, we seek to find your deeper inner harmony through scents you intuitively choose at the beginning of your treatment. Your unique aromatic blend will translate into an aromatherapy massage that will aid in healing your mind, and spirit while the curative powers found in the essence of plants will trigger the healing response in your body.


Exclusively at Nature Cure Center


Chemo Massage

60 min - $110​  90 min - $165


Your journey through cancer treatment can be a frightening, challenging and stressful road. With chemo massage, our goal is to help you through this process by decreasing pain, and swelling through lymphatic drainage and manual therapy. Also, massage has been well documented to increase endorphins—the hormones in your body that increase the feeling of well-being  and joy. So, with the caring touch of our massage therapists mixed with personalized  massage techniques tailored to your specific needs, you will be sure to experience a decrease in both your stress and anxiety levels.



Available at home and all of our locations.



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