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 Fasting And Wellness Retreat  

Where we treat the whole person and embrace the healing power of nature

We are so delighted to have you join us on Jan 25th-28th for a  weekend of healing, restoration and rejuvenation. Our overall goal is to use water fasting to help heal your body, bring it back into a state of balance and ultimately kickstart your health journey with Nirvana. 

Capture a moment of bliss as you gaze upon our image, showcasing a picturesque landscape with a tranquil lake, lush greenery, and vibrant flowers. Feel the serene energy emanating from the water, symbolizing the purification and renewal that awaits participants at our retreat.
Fasting Retreat  Jan 25th-28th
Fasting Retreat  Jan 25th-28th
Jan 25, 2024, 5:00 PM
Maryland, USA

Why do a Fasting Retreat? 

Water fasting is an amazing way to reboot your immune system, decrease inflammation and reset your metabolism. Our goal is to consume only water for the next 3 days as a way to give our body a break from outside toxins, while triggering the body’s natural regenerative processes. This fast will give your body a break from glucose and sodium, providing it with an opportunity to resensitize itself to insulin, burn fat and naturally lower blood pressure.

Benefits of Water Fasting

  • Full body detox and reboot immune system

  • Enhanced fat loss while preserving muscle mass 

  • Lowered blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure  and leptin levels 

  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity, and adiponectin levels

About the Water Fasting Retreat

The location will be Water Fast on Private .


The dates are Jan 25th -28th. 


The cost of the retreat is $1550, which includes your own room, medical supervision, and the provision of water, juices, and/or herbal teas .


This cost can be split between two people who want to share a room (couples, siblings, friends), paid on a payment plan spanning 2-3 months or incorporated into your current package. 


There will be optional activities planned for each day including guided meditation, yoga, drum circle, sweat lodge, quantum assessments, wellness check in.


Please contact the front office at 301-798-7687 to make your deposit. 


The down payment is $500

How To Prep For The Fast

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As a part of signing up for the Water Fast Retreat, you will receive 2 colonics and 1 sauna treatment. This will aid in preparing the body for a fast. Saunas and colonics help rid the body of toxins. You may call the office to schedule the appointments that are included in your package at  301-798-7687.

You will also be assigned a coach for your 2 health consultations with your package. Your coach will assist you in the nutrition portion of prepping for the fast as well as steps to take following the retreat. A meal plan will be assigned to you and your coach will walk you through it.

Prepping for a water fast is crucial, as this will ensure you do not shock your body mentally or physically. Your coach will not only guide you physically through nutrition coaching but will also assist you in mentally prepping in the weeks and days leading up to the retreat. 


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