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We are so delighted to have you join us on June 3rd -6th for a  weekend of healing, restoration and rejuvenation. Our overall goal is to use water fasting to help heal your body, bring it back into a state of balance and ultimately kickstart your health journey with Nirvana. 

Fasting  & Retreat
Jun 03, 5:00 PM
Maryland, USA
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Reason For Fasting and Retreat 

Water fasting is an amazing way to reboot your immune system, decrease inflammation and reset your metabolism. Our goal is to consume only water for the next 3 days as a way to give our body a break from outside toxins, while triggering the body’s natural regenerative processes. This fast will give your body a break from glucose and sodium, providing it with an opportunity to resensitize itself to insulin, burn fat and naturally lower blood pressure.

Benefits of Water Fasting

  • Detox system and reboot immune system

  • Enhanced fat loss while preserving muscle mass 

  • Lowered blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure  and leptin levels 

  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity, and adiponectin levels

  • for Diabetes

  • Blood Pressure

  • Weight Loss

About Fasting & Retreat

The exact location is within a  2 hour drive of the clinic, scenic and tranquil.


The dates we are looking at are  June 3-6 . The  location  options  are Deale or Annapolis Maryland . Let us know which of these weekends would be better for you.


The cost of the retreat is $1550, which includes your own room, along with provision of water, juices, and/or herbal teas .


This cost can be split between two people who want to share a room (couples, siblings, friends), paid on a payment plan spanning 2-3 months or incorporated into your current package. 


There will be optional activities planned for each day including guided meditation, yoga, drum circle, sweat lodge, quantum assessments, wellness check in.


If you are interested in joining please let us no by Monday the May 16th 2022


To secure your spot you will need a $200 deposit