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Holistic, natural healing of chronic conditions is possible.

The Nirvana three-step approach to healing.

Empower you with personalized resources to live your healthiest life.

Use specialized testing to discover the underlying cause of your condition.




Create a customized plan to restore balance in your body and allow natural healing to occur.


Cancer Care

There is no doubt that a cancer diagnosis can be scary, but many people are not aware of the Nirvana naturopathic protocol and its effects on cancer. At Nirvana, we have helped numerous patients find relief in their cancer journey.

The Nirvana protocol includes:

Complete naturopathic wellness exam

IV Infusions

Medical detox protocols

Nutrition plan to boost immunity and alkalinize the body

Exercise to build and decrease weight loss

Educational class series

Mentorship and guidance

Medical grade supplementation

Cancer Care

Chronic Condition Care

Chronic conditions are caused by imbalances in the body and can hold you back from living your most healthy and fulfilling life. Our customized plans are designed to get you feeling better by restoring balance and peace in your body.

How we treat:

Complete Naturopathic wellness exam

Specialized medical testing

Medical supplements to restore balance

Advanced medical therapies

Customized wellness plans

Medical detox protocols

Nutrition plan to decrease inflammation and pain

Exercise to build muscle and decrease weight loss

Coaching and mentorship

Hormone testing and balancing

Conditions we manage:

Diabetes, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Mood Disorders, Infertility, Gut Health, and more.

Chronic Condition Care

Specialized Testing

At Nirvana, we know that every patient is unique, so we develop customized treatment plans specifically designed for you. We use highly precise lab testing to ensure the treatment has the optimal effect on your health. Regular testing means we know what’s working for your body and where to focus. Below are the types of testing we may recommend to get to the root of your symptoms

Sensitivities and Allergies

The Alcat Test challenges a patient's white blood cells with various foods, additives, colorings, and chemicals. The patient's response identifies which substances trigger their immune system. By reducing or removing the identified substances, immune system balance can be improved.

Vitamin and Nutrient Deficiencies

Micronutrient testing measures the functions of selected vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants within the patient’s white blood cells. Once deficiencies are identified, an oral or I.V. plan can be customized for each patient's individual need(s).

Genetic Testing

A SpectraCell’s Telomere Test can determine the length of a patient’s telomeres, the genetic material at the end of each chromosome, in relation to the patient’s age. The longer the telomere, the healthier the immune system. We may suggest dietary changes based on this test to improve immune function.

Heavy Metals

There are two types of heavy metals testing offered at the clinic; The first is MELISA heavy metal profiling, a blood test that determines if your immune system is negatively reacting to metals in your body. The second test is unprovoked and provoked heavy metal tests. These tests are used to determine if you are currently being exposed to heavy metals.

Advanced Cardiovascular

This testing tells us specifically what genes you have inherited from your parents as well as what treatments you, individually, will or will not respond to. These results enable Dr. Knights to make more refined decisions regarding your treatment options and effectively minimize your risk.


A few of our specialties.

Colon Hydrotherapy

IV Fusion

Ozone Therapy

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