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Chose from six B12 plus MIC injections or twelve B12 injections. 




  • Energy Boost: Supports efficient metabolism, providing a natural energy lift.
  • Fat Metabolism: Aids in the breakdown of fats, supporting weight loss efforts.
  • Mood Enhancement: Enhances mood, potentially reducing stress-related eating.

B12 MIC:

  • Fat Metabolism: MIC components supercharges the breaking down of fats, supporting weight loss.
  • Liver Health: Choline promotes a healthy liver, crucial for efficient fat metabolism.
  • Appetite Regulation: MIC decreases appetite through neurotransmitter influence.
  • Dynamic Duo: B12 MIC combines B12's energy boost with targeted fat metabolism for weight loss synergy.

B12 Shot for energy and weight loss.

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  • Revitalize your energy and kickstart weight loss with our B12 and B12 MIC injections at Nirvana Holistic Medicine. Purchase online, then call to secure your in-office appointment for expertly administered shots. For first-time patients, ensure safety and effectiveness by completing essential virtual medical intake forms and a complimentary 15-minute online weight loss consultation. Embark on your journey to a healthier, more energetic you.

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