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lymphatic massage 

Lymphatic drainage massage has become a popular form of massage due to its potential health benefits. It's a gentle form of massage that focuses on the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. Your lymph system includes organs, vessels, and tissues that move or drain a water-like fluid called lymph from other parts of your body into your bloodstream.


Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Lymphatic drainage massage can help move trapped fluid when you have lymphedema. Your lymphedema specialist may use manual lymph drainage along with other techniques, including:

  • Exercises

  • Compression bandages, sleeves, or stockings

  • A sleeve that inflates on and off to put pressure on your arms or legs (sequential pneumatic compression)


When to Get a Lymph Drainage Massage

Lymph drainage massage is a useful way to treat lymphedema and may help with certain other health conditions. If you have symptoms of trapped lymph fluid in your body, talk to your doctor about whether massage could help.

Symptoms of lymphedema to watch for include:

  • Pain

  • Skin discoloration

  • Tissue swelling

  • Heaviness in the limbs

  • Weakness

  • Hardening or thickening of the skin

  • Recurring infections

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