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Talks & Retreat

​Diabetes Reversal Talks

  • March 4th ,2024

Join us on March 4th, 2024, for an eye-opening talk that could change your life! Discover groundbreaking insights, proven strategies, and real-life success stories on how to reverse diabetes naturally. Our expert speakers will share empowering information, practical tips, and the latest research that could pave the way to a healthier, diabetes-free future. Don't miss out on this transformative event – mark your calendar and embark on a journey towards a vibrant, diabetes-reversed life!

Pain and Inflammation Talks

  • July 14th ,2024

Join me on July 14 th for a transformative journey into understanding pain and inflammation. Uncover the secrets behind the body's signals and explore empowering strategies for relief. It's time to break free from discomfort and embrace a life of wellness. Save the date - because your journey to a pain-free existence begins here!

Blood Pressure / Heart Disease

Hormonal Imbalance

  • September 15 th ,2024

  • August 5th ,2024

Join us on September 15th for an empowering conversation on Hormonal Imbalance!  Discover the secrets to restoring balance, unlocking energy, and embracing your best self.  Let's navigate the hormonal maze together and pave the way to a healthier, happier you!  Save the date and get ready to elevate your well-being

Join us on August 5th for a crucial conversation on Blood Pressure and Heart Disease! Explore the secrets to a healthy heart, understand the impact of blood pressure, and discover actionable steps for a he art-healthy lifestyle. Your heart matters—don't miss this informative session!  

Cancer Talk

  • April 15th,2024

Diabetes Reversal Talk

  • May 6 th ,2024

Water Fasting Retreat

  • January 25th-28th,2024

  • April 25th -28th,2024

  • August 1st - 04th ,2024

  • Oct 31st -Nov 3rd

Cancer Talk

  • May 22 nd ,2024

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