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Listen to how Nirvana patients have experienced real, holistic health improvements through the naturalistic care of Dr. Knights.

“I’ve been a type-two diabetic for about 20 years… 3 months in and I’m off all of my diabetes medication. It’s amazing.”

Mary Ann_edited_edited.jpg

Mary Ann D.

“Dr. Knights has saved my life. I can enjoy my family without the side effects of chemotherapy.”


Diana H.

“I was feeling depressed, dejected, and tired all the time… nobody could give me any answers. I came to Nirvana out of desperation and to find a way to feel better. Within a span of a month, I’ve lost 10 pounds and gained so much perspective on how to manage my stress and enjoy my life.”


Eve Z.

“Just over a year ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. I researched and found Dr. Knights online and have been coming every week for 6 months. My cancer numbers have gone down… I’m now in a normal range. It changed my life - in a good way.”


Vanessa A.

Colonic Testimonial

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